The Purpose of a Peer Recovery Zone

A PRZ provides a safe, supportive and normalizing environment for Individuals labeled "mentally III" in the community, especially those who are isolated in society, rejecting participation in MH programs, and to whom even sheltered employment settings are not meeting their needs. It provides an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals feel needed and grow in self-worth, dignity and self-respect.

The PRZ increases knowledge of community resources, allows individuals to learn from one another, and provides a place where social and recreational activities can occur. This enables individuals with severe emotional difficulties to conquer social or communication problems and assume productive life-styles in community settings. A PRZ provides social support for high-risk hospital users with organized and informal recreational and social activities where individuals and center staff can assist each other in solving dally living problems (social/recreational, housing, transportation, and vocational). The PRZ  places emphasis on helping Individuals feel autonomous and make decisions. Individuals have something to offer each other and by helping run the center and supporting each other, they develop a sense of usefulness, increase their feelings of well-being, and minimize their risk of hospitalization.

A PRZ is simply a place to be. Where else but a PRZ can an individual go to just be, where no one passes judgment diagnoses or medicates. Where else can an individual find support compassion, self-esteem and acceptance? The PRZ cannot "save the world." The PRZ can provide life. The PRZ is a place to go  to be alive.

Manchester MWF 11-3 601 Grant St.

Decorah T-TH 12-4 607 Washington Street 

Vinton F 8-12 1003 w. 4th st.

Independence T-Th 2-6 400 5th Ave.

Tama T-TH 10-2  900 Park Street

Mason City M-F 8-12 606 N. Monroe Ave.

Charles City T-Th 10-2 102 N Main Street 

Grinnell F -12-4 415 6th Ave.